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As stated by many different contributers at WitchVox; many who are new to the Craft begin to learn about Witchcraft/Wicca by reading a few books. It doesn't take long to discover that each author has a different slant on the subject. Information about the most basic elements such as history, circle casting or spellwork, can sometimes be not only different, but often conflicting. At this point, one may throw up their hands and start looking for a real live person to help straighten all this out. And who can blame them?

At times like this one will ask a hundred questions, and are quite often taken aback by the response, if they receive any response at all to their inquiry. They are told to read more books, check out various websites and practice working on their own. This classic 'brush off" to the seekers leaves many more frustrated than before. So how can the new seeker find some help - and perhaps eventually meet other Pagans?

Well your off to a good start, by now you have probably read at least one book or several articles on the subject, maybe even been to a public ritual, tried your hand at candle magick, or had a Tarot reading. Not that these are rerquirements, or even small feats, each step takes a great deal of courage, however with each advance they make learning new things a little easier.

You want to be a Witch. but reading doesn't sound like it will actually teach you anything, thats perfectly alright most people do not learn by book alone, some have to hear it (Auditory Learners), some have to see it (Visual Learners), and others have to do it (Kinesthetic Learners). No mater which kind of learner you are, we encourage you to be hands on, where we can we have placed visual aids or videos to help you on your journey and you have the choice of clicking on a link and running with it, or going to our Wicca 101 page if you really want structure.

The Silver Moon Crow Coven, upon general consensus, has decided to make some of our experiences available for the general public to learn from. Rituals, Spells, Science of Magick (Cord, Candle, or Encantation) and Life Lessons. It is our hope that by sharing our experiences and expertise we will be aiding the developement of our community. We have time for anyone who needs questions answered or council, please enjoy our humble electronic offerings.

We know that after six months of being offline from May to October 2014 we may not have the frequent guests we used to. But we do sincerely hope that you enjoy our humble offerings.

Blessed Be.

General Disclaimer: Please note that none of the Silver Moon Crow Coveners nor the Coven itself claim ownership of anything displayed on this website, it has been collected over a period of many years and we have since lost record of many Artist Names. If you recognize any of the art shown on this site as yours (or know the originator) contact us and we will gladly give you credit, or remove the piece if that is your wish.

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